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Employment Law
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Our Litigation Group offers employment law services on behalf of both employers and employees. The main focus of our employment law practice is problem prevention. In the event that an employment problem arises, we will counsel you as to effective remedies and solutions.

Legal Services 

We will offer you professional advice that will recognize and deal with employment problems before they rise to the level of litigation. Management or employee groups can also take advantage of educational sessions on new and developing areas of employment law. We also represent individual employees regarding various areas of employment law. You can look to our experienced attorneys for advice and assistance in the following areas:

Actions on behalf of employees and negotiated severance agreements, and packages for key level executives
Tax and benefit-related employment issues from our Corporate and Tax Groups that works closely with the Litigation Group
Creation of employment policies, handbooks and manuals tailored to your specific needs and goals
Defense of claims of sexual harassment; the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1993; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act; the Americans With Disabilities Act; wage and hour law claims; employment contracts and non-compete and restrictive covenant agreements
Defense of discrimination actions before federal, state and local enforcement agencies and in the courts
Preventive legal strategies including the design of employment and severance agreements for both employers and employees
Strategic handling of difficult employee terminations


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