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Intellectual Property & E-Commerce
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Your intellectual property is a valuable part of your business. Deutsch, Levy & Engel will advise you as to how to secure your rights in trademarks, service marks, copyrights and trade secrets, and to ensure that your competitors do not infringe on your proprietary rights.

Protecting your Intellectual Property and Your Business
Whether you are in the process of creating your intellectual property, or have become involved in an infringement action, you can rely upon us to protect your rights and your business interests. We will counsel you on the selection, creation, registration and protection of your intellectual property. We will also advise you on licensing and assignment matters, such as software and firmware licensing, assignments of authorship from independent contractors, software source code escrows, and consulting agreements.

Business and the Internet
As more and more businesses create a presence on the Internet, new and complex issues arise as to how to operate in the "virtual" world. We counsel our clients on sales and UCC issues, digital signatures, domain name "cyber-squatting" and other e-commerce matters to ensure that their Internet activities are lawful and enforceable. Additionally, we litigate matters of cyberspace jurisduction, issues of commercial speech in wireless technologies, and infringements of intellectual property rights on the Internet.


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